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fire rated DUCTWORK

Our system choice of FIREMAC 120 is a brand new concept for fire rated ductwork which meets all the criteria to satisfy all the current Building Regulations (England, Scotland and Wales) for fire resistance.

The system is a unique patented system using a flexible fabric which is bonded both physically and mechanically to the ductwork during the manufacture process.

The fire rated ductwork is delivered to site and fitted as normal ductwork, so obviating the need for additional contractors.

FIREMAC 120 is a high quality fully tested lightweight alternative to all other fire rated systems.

Silver grey in colour it is unobtrusive in appearance leaving a neat aesthetically pleasing finish.

FIREMAC 120 can be used in smoke extract systems or on any other ductwork requiring up to a 2 hour fire rating and has been passed and tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 24 1987.

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