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our work TEAM

Marc Neale Director

Adrian Neale Director

Ben Alonzi

Finance Manager

Stella Beal

Accounts Manager


Trevor Theakestone

Contracts Engineer

Paul Goodchild


Darren Melniks Contracts Engineer

Daron Jewkes Contracts Engineer

completed CONTRACTS

The Staff

Our staff ore on hand from 8.00 am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday to accommodate all your enquiries, either technical, estimating or individual contract specific.

Outside of these hours, all enquiries are responded to as received.

We are able to offer a full estimating and technical service for all disciplines as detailed on our Home Page, and your specific enquiries should be directed to the specialist staff as follows.


Sales, technical and general enquiries to Mike Neale or Marc Neale


Accounts enquiries to Stella Beal or Ben Alonzi


Estimating enquiries to Paul Goodchild


Contract enquiries to Adrian Neale, Trevor Theakestone, Daron Jewkes and Darren Melniks.


CAD enquiries to Mike Neale

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